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    Pretty much an open-source simulation of what bitconnect said it was doing.

    A blockchain managed,

    smart-pyramid app,

    in three dimensions

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    Passive Income

    Like UBI, but less of a joke.

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    Mine Weak Hands

    Not the Blockchain

    Trust us, way easier.
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    Share your Masternode

    Build your own Network

    Then watch them carry you to the moon.

How does that Work?

Instead of taking a standard developer trading fee for ourselves
the fee is split between all holders of the token.
10% of all trading volume our cryptocurrency ever experiences is set completely aside for you, the token holders, as Ethereum,
to withdraw at any time.


Every ethereum transaction is handled by a piece of unchangable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract.

No need to fear, you're only entrusting your hard-earned ETH to an algorithmic robot accountant running on a decentralized blockchain network created by a russian madman worth billions, enforced by subsidized Chinese GPU farms that are consuming an amount of electricity larger than most third-world countries.

Welcome to cryptocurrency.

Your tokens are safe, or somebody would be yelling at us by now.


To facilitate the trade and purchase of what's essentially the cryptocurrency form of social security, we've created our own custom exchange to allow you to trade and track your tokens.

  • Track the token's trade volume, and your projected income.
  • Laugh at all the other idiots putting ETH into this madness
  • Stop laughing because that's a lot of ETH
  • ?????
  • Buy more (fomo back in)

For each token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH (about 10 gwei).

When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less.

Gotta have a little sadness every once in a while so you know when the good times come.

MINING (See snek diagram)

The Token's namesake is a feature we lovingly call the "Proof of Weak Hands ethereum mining algorithm"

Simply put, when someone else has weak hands. Either buying into our smart contract, transferring tokens, or selling back to the contract. There's a 10% fee.

Anyone who owns tokens gets a personal cut of every weak handed trade. You can withdraw this cut at any time in ETH from the smart-contract pool, no fee attached.

You see that cute snek? You get your own, he'll generate passive-income for you no matter what the token price does!


In addition to mining, you can stake 5 of your own tokens to create the first ethereum masternodes; Ever.

Owning a masternode gives you a unique link to our website that the smart contract recognizes, anyone buying into the contract via your link has 33% of all fees they would oherwise pay into the contract, directed to you instead as instant ethereum gains.

This is the active-income component of our contract, we let you build your own network that pays YOU instantly!"

Yes, our staking and mining systems are comedic jabs at cryptocurrency as a whole, they're also immensely more profitable, and pay in (Eth) instead of something that "may" have value later.


That Smart contract (your new robo accounting buddy) holds all ethereum ever put into purchasing these tokens, and will gleefully give you all ethereum you are owed whenever you want to withdraw your passive income, or sell your tokens. You weak handed fool.


    Managed by a smart contract entirely

  • no human involvement in managing the ethereum, at all. Period.

    Automatic pricing

  • Value is directly related to how many tokens exist at any time.

    Volume based passive-income

  • 10% of all volume is taken as fees, and split out as passive income to all token holders.

    Active-income Staking

  • Masternode system allows you to recruit more and get instant Eth rewards. Plus everyone gains from the volume!

    Not a "Concept" token

  • Each token has intrinsic value (try to find another crypto that does this).

    Serious in all the wrong ways.

  • See cute snek mascot representing your financial future.


Eth in Contract




24 Hr Volume



Really Makes you Think

3D Investing

Instead of simply playing with price over time like most crypto, we've added volume to the mix. Hodl finally might be a good long-term idea. (Instead of why you're down 50%)

Decentralized, designed to run forever.

Masternodes add a per-user profitable referral system, allowing the contract to run as long as there's interested players, or really dedicated spammers.

Merciful Passive Income

Is bitcoin crashing? Crypto rise and falls got you burnt out? Our contract is designed to be a smart place to have your ethereum passively generate income while you sit back and worry about other things, like the fall of western civilization.

Share Win, Share Loss

Guide to Success

Smart-Investment smart-tips from a smart-Pyramid smart-meme smart-coin.

What else was this step going to be?


That's it, you already win.

With continuous volume you'll recieve a steady passive income for as long as you come to collect

Strong Hands

Don't give up, you really do only lose when you sell.

Apply Masternode

Masternodes give reliable income, no matter how big the contract gets you'll always be able to see the instant effect

Anywhere that you have a unique oppourtunity to direct others here, use your masternode!

Seriously, Masternodes

Our site remembers who you brought here, you get credit for every buy they make in the future

Videos, Tutorials, Articles, Web Pages, Advertising slot, Dapps, Graphs, statistics, anything

The more clever your network, the more you'll earn, Hook up your masternode, we encourage it

Advisory Board

Because bad ideas like ours are built upon the cumulative failures of the crypto community
Start Trading Now!

Final shower thoughts

No Humans Allowed

Unlike "Investment" engines like Bitconnect, Powh3D is managed by a smart contract entirely. No human involvement in managing the ethereum at all. Period.

Freely Exchangable

Our token's transfer system is built to automatically take 10% of all traded tokens, melt them into eth, and pay everyone else. Even if the trades occur outside the contract itself. Exchange support has never paid you before has it?

Is Universal Basic Income

The concept for UBI involves taxing every transaction and paying it out to everyone; crypto is the perfect place to emulate it. Calling it 3D Investing sounds way cooler than whatever those hippies are calling it though.

Shill Kit

Just a taste, there's more on the Shill Kit page

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